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26th May 20
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City Learning Centre Terms and Conditions of Booking


1.     Use of hirer's equipment.
Hirers should ensure that all equipment and materials brought into the Centre comply with and are used in accordance with relevant legislation. Under no circumstances should the permanent electrical installation be altered or otherwise interfered with.


2.     Loss of or damage to property.
The Centre will not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, property brought onto the premises due to any negligence, omission or fault of the Centre's staff or agents. On confirmation of the booking, the Hirer agrees to replace, or pay to the Centre the cost of making good, any damage caused to the premises or equipment by the Hirer or their delegates.


3.     Estimate of numbers.
The hirer should provide an estimate of provisional numbers at the time of booking, with final numbers confirmed a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. Please note that the final numbers are the minimum for which the Centre will make catering charges (see Item 6 below).  Where no final numbers are received, charges will be based on those numbers supplied on the booking confirmation.


4.     Annual review of fees.
The Centre reviews prices every year and reserves the right to increase them.


5.     Confirmation of bookings.
The Centre will treat reservations as provisional until it has received a signed confirmation form. Hirers are asked to check the details of the confirmation and inform the Centre as soon as possible of any errors or omissions. Hirers should then sign the confirmation and return it to the Centre within 2 weeks of the date the booking was made, otherwise it will be assumed that the reservation is not required and the date released to another hirer.


6.     Confirmation of catering requirements.

The Centre will arrange and charge catering requirements as identified on the returned booking confirmation form.  Any adjustments to the confirmed requirements must be received by the Centre (by fax or e-mail) a minimum of 10 days prior to the event.


7.     Cancellation fees.
Once the signed booking confirmation is received, the booking will be subject to cancellation fees at the rates shown below (see Item 11 below).  The Centre reserves the right to alter accommodation whenever necessary but will endeavour to contact the Hirer in advance.


8.     Facilitator's duties.
The hirer's facilitator is responsible for:
ensuring delegates give due consideration to other users within the ethos of a learning environment.
informing delegates of the fire and health and safety regulations. This information is displayed in all rooms on arrival and on notice boards around the Centre.

ensuring delegates abide by the terms and conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) identified at Item 9 below.

9.     Acceptable Use Policy and Software Installation
The ICT Centre systems and Internet connectivity are hosted on the Lancashire Grid for Learning (LGfL) network.  By signing the confirmation, hirer's and their delegates agree to abide by the terms of the Centre Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  The policy is available at: .  Hirer's should check with the Centre at the time of booking if they wish to use their own equipment.

Where installation of software onto Centre systems is required, this should be received by the Centre a minimum of 10 working days prior to the event.  Please note it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the appropriate licencing arrangements for their software are in place prior to the event.


10.   Internet access.
The Centre provides Internet access through the LGfL network and makes every effort to maintain connectivity but cannot

be held responsible for intermittent service beyond its control.



11.   Cancellation of Room Bookings


Single Room Bookings                             Multiple Room Bookings                  Cancellation Fee
Within 3 weeks of the event                      6 weeks of the event                           50% of the booking fee
Within 2 weeks of the event                      4 weeks of the event                           75% of the booking fee
In the week before the event1                   2 weeks of the event                           100% of the booking fee


1 Note minimum catering requirements notice identified at Item 6 above.