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26th May 20
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Staff Training and Development

As part of Lancashire's Schools Learning Excellence Service, the CLC offer courses which can be based at the CLC or in the more familiar surroundings of your own school.


Courses include:


Using Green Screen

Video Editing

Interactive Whiteboards

 Other courses such as primary ICT Control with Lego NXT,  ICT Control with Flowol and Stop Motion Animation made Easy!  The centre also offers basic computer courses such as European Computer Driving License (ECDL) and Equalskills

(click on the images below to download course flyers).







 Curriculum Brochure 


Experts in Media and ICT Equipment


The CLC has a lot of experience in using its Media and ICT equipment.  Teachers and schools can use this expertise to support their own curriculum.  Sessions would need to be led by the teacher , the staff at the centre will work with you to provide technical support. 



Consultation Work

We can offer one-to-one advice in the use of ICT for schools.  Typical examples of this are advising on your current ICT curriculum status, planning to develop this, assisting with particular focus areas or working with new Co-ordinators.

The CLC can offer sessions with either staff groups or with pupils in order to demonstrate what you can do with particular equipment and software.  We can also offer advice on planning and where ICT can best be used such as  Lego NXT and the use of new equipment such as Visualizers and GPS devices.