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26th May 20
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The Centre offers a variety of media productions. By combining our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we will help you to get your message on screen (be it PC, TV or web-based).   We offer a variety of video production services to suit your needs and budget.    


Click on the images above to see examples of our work 

To download a copy of our brochure in Acrobat PDF format, Please click the link below :

Media Brochure  


 Video Production Service

The centre has a breadth of production styles of methods to suit your needs. We offer an 'end to end' solution which means we work with you from the initial 'story boarding' and scripting stage, right up to designing the package layout and creating multiple copies of your DVD.

Digital Video Editing

We offer video editing in our own in-house edit suite. During the editing process we offer a unique secure website service facility allowing you to log in and check the progress of your video.   Examples of some of our work are available to watch please click on the pictures above.

Video Podcasting

Podcasting is an easy and powerful way to communicate your ideas and messages. Video podcasting allows the end user to download pre recorded video content which can be viewed through a PC, phone or portable media player. 

Businesses are beginning to realise that podcasting is a cheap way to advertise to groups with very specific interests. Many large companies are starting to produce podcasts, both to communicate with their customers, and also with their own employees.

The centre can provide the camera crew and digital video editing facility, encoding and distribution facilities to enable you to make use of this exciting technology.

For any of the above services please complete the briefing form below and send to or telephone 01282 683020  


Briefing Form